Little Foot Alpacas

Little Foot Alpacas

Come experience Alpaca kisses and you’ll be hooked! We want to welcome you to Little Foot Alpacas. We are located in the heart of the Thousand Islands and just 40 minutes from Ottawa. Our farm is nestled just outside of Spencerville, Ontario. We are brimming with pride from this beautiful Peruvian Huacaya herd.

Our Alpacas

Alpacas are a domesticated member of the camel family. They originated in the South America, and were brought to North America about 30 years ago. Alpacas are intelligent creatures and quick to learn. Every alpaca has its own personality and comfort zone. Being calm and gentle will help them approach you much quicker and you may get to enjoy a scratch on their necks. They are revered for their luxurious fibres that are light weight, extremely warm, and its water-proof qualities make it perfect for many purposes. Alpaca fibre is non-allergenic. It is extremely comfortable to wear.

We have a very specific mixture of different coloured alpacas, with an intentional blend of premium alpacas. Each animal has its own personality and unique qualities.

We are fully registered with CLAA and AOA. Our alpacas are championship stock. We proudly boast we have some of the best premium stock available.

Little Foot AlpacasLittle Foot Alpacas

About Us

Shawn and Caroline Carmicheal are thrilled you found us!

Little Foot Alpacas is part of a 5th generation farm where they manage beef cattle and hundreds of acres of crops. Caroline developed a love for Alpacas on an exciting trip to Peru. Caroline began to learn everything she could about these lovely, passive creatures – their care, breeding and all important fibre. After years of research, training and workshops, Caroline gained enough knowledge that she felt ready to introduce these animals to our farm.

Shawn is super handy and decided he wanted to build a new barn for these additions to the farm. The barn plans began, and Shawn quickly built a custom timber-frame barn designed especially for these adorable creatures. Shawn used custom-milled, local wood, and hand-crafted each piece of lumber to construct an amazing Air B&B and farm shop. 

Come experience our Luxury Air B&B.  Enjoy an alpaca farm stay and see how we operate our farm.  Enjoy the tranquility of these adorable passive animals and experience what a day on the farm is really like.

Working together Shawn and Caroline created a vision of a place for people to come and enjoy these animals for therapy and healing. People can come from afar and experience farm-life, escape the rush of every day life, create special memories, and become grounded.
Don’t forget to visit with Bella our Alpaca Guardian dog. She is just too cute.

Little Foot AlpacasLittle Foot Alpacas

Air B&B

Welcome to Little Foot Alpacas - we boast a unique Farm stay for 10 people in our Luxury Air B&B.  We will offer you Alpaca Experiences, get one on one with alpacas and don't forget about our favourite experience - Alpaca Trekking - it's rated number one!!

Enjoy all the amenities of home and relax to the stunning sunsets with a good bottle of wine.

Little Foot Alpacas
Little Foot Alpacas Air B&B
Little Foot Alpacas Air B&B
Little Foot Alpacas Air B&B

Weddings & Special Occasions

Engagement Packages featuring amazing photos right here at Little Foot Alpacas Farm.  Images so unique that they will enhance your engagement photos. Two-hour photo shoot with two Alpacas and two handlers for a one-of-a-kind Engagement Photos Shoot with your photographer.
For our Wedding Package, we will trailer two alpacas and their handlers to your wedding site.  We arrive before the ceremony, set up and are ready for you to include the alpacas in your ceremony.  Guests can have selfies & enjoy the cute factor of the alpacas. 

Little Foot Alpacas
Little Foot Alpacas Weddings & Special Events
Little Foot Alpacas Weddings & Special Events
Little Foot Alpacas Weddings & Special Events

Our Greenhouse

Our greenhouse was built to help provide our alpacas with fresh greens all year long. However, we also grow many unique varieties of cactus, succulents, and tropical plants. If you have a green thumb, we will help you find a new gem to add to your collection. We have been known to create plant envy with our unique specimens thanks to Caroline’s two plus decades background in floristry and horticulture! 

Little Foot Alpacas
Take A Farm Tour
Our farm tours are designed for private group tours up to 6 people, so be prepared for lots of one-on-one time with our alpacas. All farm tours are intimate, and no other tours are available.

The alpacas are curious and friendly but can be cautious around people, please be aware that we don’t force the alpacas, they will naturally come to you as they feel comfortable. Once they get to know you they will allow pictures, and happy alpacas hummm. If your lucky Alpacas give kisses and it will have you hooked. They will love you if you are quiet and calm and often approach much more quickly when you arrive.

Don’t forget to dress for the weather. You will be outside. Bring your camera for selfies. Alpacas are cheeky enough, they just might want to photo bomb you.  If it's pouring rain, we'll reschedule your appointment; Alpacas don't like to get their hair wet.

Proceeds from all farm tours support and feed our alpacas. Every dollar is used to improve our herd.

Little Foot Farm tours are between Thursday - Sun between 11- 3pm.

Visit the alpacas, our greenhouse and farm store . If you have a sweet tooth we also have ice cream or snacks to enjoy while visiting our alpacas.

Farm Visits / 1 hour:  Cost per person 20.00 per adult, and $10.00 per child.  Children under the age of 3 are free.  Email to request your visit.  Booking needed between 11am - 3pm. 

All prices include HST. Children must be 14 or older to walk an Alpaca.  Bookings are between Thursday and Sunday; 11 - 3pm.  Cash only.

Farm Visits: Experience and learn all about alpacas . Get one one one time with them right in their pens, you’ll get to touch and feel their extremely soft fibre and understand why alpacas are so special . Meet our herd and their babies , and see how they interact with you . Your experience will end with a tour of our gift shop filled with some of our softest alpaca products , perfect to keep you warm in those cooler months .
   Duration : 1 Hr
   Requirements : Perfect for families and Little People
   Difficulty : Easy
   Equipment : Clean shoes that have not been on a farm recently
   Price : Adults - 20.00 . Kids : 10.00 - Children under 3 Free 

Alpaca Trekking  This is an exciting adventure out with your own adorable alpaca. Learn how to halter your own alpaca , and walk thru designated trails as your guide teaches you more about your alpaca . Capture one on one moments with your new alpaca friend ( don’t forget your camera ) and enjoy a hour long visit in the company of your alpaca. Finish off your visit with some yummy rewards for your new friend . Alpacas don’t like to walk alone , so bring a friend or two
   Duration : 1 Hr
   Requirements : 14 yrs or older , minimum of 2 people
   Difficulty : Medium
   Equipment. : Camera and closed covered shoes or boots ( No sandles)
   Price : 45.00 per person - Max 6 persons

Booking Your Alpaca Trekking Tour: When you book your Alpaca Trekking & Farm Stay tour, you will need to request a tour date. We operate on a cash basis so you’ll need to plan accordingly. We will send you a reminder email of your scheduled tour time and date. Please make sure the information is correct. This button will take you to our booking page to find availability and to book your tour. You will be able to pay here as well. All bookings must be prepaid.

Alpaca Therapy: Alpacas are very intelligent creatures and respond well to people’s special needs. We offer therapy classes with our alpacas to enhance your visit and give individuals an added experience. Ask about these sessions as they are personalized to you. The length of the tour will depend on your requirements and pricing will be based on length of time.

Alpaca Mom & Baby Walk *NEW*:
  Enjoy a 1 hour walk with our adorable babies and their moms.  This walk is easy going and relaxed and is suitable for kids 8 years and older.  Experience the energy and cuteness of these adorable babies.
   Duration: 1 Hr
   Requirements:  8 years old and older, minimum of 2 people
   Difficulty:  Easy
   Equipment:  Camera and good boots or shoes (it can be muddy)
   Price:  45.00 per person - Max 4 people (minimum 2 people)

What to expect! Tours take place outdoors, so dress for cold or hot weather. Wear ideal footwear that can get dirty, keep your feet dry and will protect your feet.

Check In:
Check-in is 15 minutes prior to your tour. When you arrive on the farm, please advise us you are there for a tour. If you are going to be late for your tour, we will adjust your tour to the time remaining with no refund. We book our tours back to back, if you are late we can not let it effect the next tour.

Method of Payment:  E-transfer, Cash, ATM on site

What to Bring:
Bring your enthusiasm and a relaxed vibe. Don’t forget your camera, and suitable foot wear because we will need you to step into a foot bath before you can go near the alpacas.

PLEASE Leave Dogs At Home! The farm already has dogs onsite.

Cancellation: We understand if something comes up and you can’t make it to your tour. Please notify us 24 hours prior to your visit and a full refund will be issued, or we can move your tour to a different date. If we are not notified a minimum of 48 hours prior to your booking date and time, no refund will be issued. 

Adopt an Alpaca

When you adopt an alpaca, you help provide food and care specifically to that alpaca. You gain visiting rights to the farm during business hours and a personalized visit to your alpaca throughout the year @ $25.00 per month.  This allows 4 visits per month for the person adopting the alpaca, during business hours.  If you decide to bring a friend to visit your alpaca with you, regular booking policies apply.

Little Foot Alpacas

Alpaca Gifts

Shop online or visit our farm store for beautiful gifts and clothing made with luxurious alpaca fibre.

Farm News & Events

We love to celebrate life and we can plan stays for your exciting events, like workshops, birthday parties, weddings and other special occasions.

Little Foot Alpacas

Alpaga Quebec Wins

Alpaga Quebec was a great place to start our showing career , we learned so much and we have amazing mentors . A big Thanks to Arriba Linea for all their help at this show!

Little Foot Alpacas
Farm Hours
  • Monday - Wednesday - Closed for all Farm tours to allow us to get caught up on chores.
  • Farm Tours
  • Open 11:00am thru 3:00pm, Thursday thru Sunday. Booking required.
  • Farm Visits
  • Open 11:00am thru 3:00pm, Thursday thru Sunday; by appointment only.
  • *** Occasionally, we will be closed to accommodate special events like weddings or birthday parties.